Saint Patrick’s Day at Tidewater Grille


Beer Cheese and Pretzels

Beer cheese with warm pretzel sticks for dipping 12


Sheppard’s Pie Baked Potato

Jumbo baked potato stuffed with ground lamb, carrots, peas, onion, and corn topped beer cheese and melted cheddar-jack 14


Bangers and Mash

Grilled bangers served on a potato pancake topped with onion gravy and two fried eggs served with roasted garlic mashed potato 15


Corned Beef

Slow roasted corned beef served with shaved Brussel sprouts topped with white sauce and roasted red potatoes 16


Blackened Lamb Chops

A trio of lamb chops blackened to your liking drizzled with a rosemary Dijon cream sauce and served with shaved Brussel sprouts and roasted red potatoes 20


Guinness Fish and Chips

Fresh haddock hand dipped in homemade Guinness beer batter served with fresh cut French fries and Cole slaw 16

Drink Specials 

Try a Barroom Hero 5

English brown ale made by Magic Hat and the Dropkick Murphys

Guinness Cans 6

Jameson or Green Tea shots 5