Look what’s happening at the Grille……..

* Live entertainment every weekend
 Breakfast, Sundays 9am-12pm 
* Sushi & Raw Bar Specials every Wednesday evening

* Happy Hour – Monday thru Friday, 3pm-7pm, $1.50 off all drinks

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Live Entertainment

 Friday, April 27th, 8pm  –  No Pro Bono


 Saturday, April 28th, 8pm  –  Janelle



April’s Entertainment Schedule

Friday, April 6th 8pm  Spike Settles https://www.facebook.com/spike.settles 

Saturday, April 7th 8pm  Bill Suls

Friday, April 13th 8pm  Deer Creek

Saturday, April 14th 8pm  Cover Art

Friday, April 20th 8pm  The QiLo http://qilorocks.com  

Saturday, April 21st 8pm  Cool Change https://www.mdparty.com/performers/default?id=11497

Friday, April 27th 8pm   No Pro Bono https://www.mdparty.com/performers/default?id=13848

Saturday, April 28th 8pm  Janelle https://www.officialjanelle.com


May’s Entertainment Schedule

Friday, May 4th 8pm  Deer Creek 

Saturday, May 5th 8pm  JoeLeo

Friday, May 11th 8pm The QiLo http://qilorocks.com

Saturday, May 12th 8pm  Jess Arms https://www.facebook.com/events/2023310534596451/

Friday, May 18th 8pm  Jaime Bishop  https://www.facebook.com/jamie.bishop.9

Saturday, May 19th 8pm  Cameron Street 

Friday, May 25th 8pm   Dennis Schocket https://www.mdparty.com/performers/default?id=8717

Saturday, May 26th 8pm Graff Brothers http://www.thegraffbrothers.com


Past Events

Dennis Schocket














The Qi Lo















Graff Brothers















No Pro Bono